Neck Ageing Treatment Bromely

Neck Ageing Treatment

Ageing of the’ Platysma muscles’ of the neck is very common and it doesn’t matter how much you take care of the face, the neck is a big give-away for ageing.

Neck ageing and Botulinum treatment is highly effective. One cosmetic surgeon remarked that he had seen some quite dramatic results with the use of Botulinum for the platysmal neck bands. Younger patients will require less Botulinum and may have more dramatic results. But, he also remarked that he had seen some good to excellent results in older patients.

Anti wrinkle injections commonly known as Botox can be injected into specific areas of the neck to get rid of the light wrinkles that are starting to gravitate. Botox targets the Platysma muscle which is around the neck near the surface. If the Platysma muscles are bunched together, this can give the appearance of skin sagging or folding.

To combat this effect, a trained Nurse can inject Botox into the muscular bands to relax them, creating a smoother effect under the neck.

The neck angle may appear less rounded and more angular, giving you a more defined jawline. This also helps to reduce the appearance of creasing or wrinkling on your neck. Botulinum is not for all patients. If your skin wrinkling is too pronounced, you may not experience an improvement after the injections.

Botulinum anti-wrinkle injections are used to relax these Platysmal bands and make the neck look younger. Excellent results occur after a week to 10 days. Most often the procedure needs to be repeated every five to six months. Generally Botox is advised for patients under the age of 65. Botox can also be used to inject the jowls and get a nice jowl lift. It doesn’t work for the horizontal lines in the neck also related to the Platysma but more a function of skin elasticity and volume. But a point to ponder, the Platysma is a big muscle, and does need a lot of injections superficially for safety to get a good long result.

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Neck Ageing Treatment Bromley Neck Ageing Treatment Bromley

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